Palestinian photographer living in Bethlehem

Photography is my own way to contemplate life and its meaning, how people are living it, their hopes and their hardships, their relation with their place and their environment, with their past and with their reality. It is her way to understand the whole human experience and to find her place inside it.

My work was featured at many international fine art and photography magazines and platforms.

Awards and Nominations

Golden medal in fine art – conceptual photography by ND awards 2019.

Jury member at Monochrome photography awards


Across the nostalgia, Bethlehem 2016

Sublimations Arles, Italy 2019

That’s my World, Apfelwein Galerie, Frankfurt, March 2022

Backyards, Bab idDeir Gallery, Bethlehem, March 2022

Retrotopia, Venice Art Factory, Venice, March 2022

Vantage point, Sharjah art foundation, Sharjah, Sep 2022


Instagram: Fadwa_Rouhana